Analysis Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Abigail Williams did not want to stop the witch trials because if they found out she was lying about most of the things she said she would have been hanged. Blaming other people, getting them killed because of her ignorance. She only was loyal to the girls. One wrong move for abigail then her life would have been over with. Abigail was full of herself in the play she was selfish, ignorant, and a back-stabbing liar, it was her way or no way she did not let nothing stop her from getting rid of who was in the way.She even told lies on Tituba, but she had the courage and was brave enough to stand up and confess about it only because she was a slave and she thought they were going to kill her. The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the author of the book put everything in play because Abigail Uses the town’s fear and Witchcraft to her own advantages. She stole Reverend Parris money and lied about it and, acts the whole shouting and screaming in court and puts the town in fear. Being so vindictive as she is, she scares herself at times because she’s afraid if anyone would find out about her lien about the witchcraft.

Abigail was so in love with John Proctor she would have done anything to be with him so she did . “ You did, you did you drank the charm to kill John proctor’s wife! You drank the charm to kill proctor's wife!” ( Miller 468) . Abigail wanted revenge on Elizabeth because she was John's wife and he was not going to leave her for Abigail. In his mind it was a silly mistake he

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