Analysis Of Act 3 Scene 4 Of Macbeth

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Introductory Page To recreate Act 3, Scene 4 of “Macbeth” by William shakespeare in the modern era, we decided to have the members of our group assume the roles of the characters of Macbeth. The scene will revolve around the issue of cheating on the SATs. This examination is something we are extremely familiar with, which is why we are the characters. The recreated scene will take place in the the present time, 2017, in Queens, New York.
A young family of five, living in the vibrant and lively neighborhood of Astoria Queens, consists of a father, mother, and their three sons, Macbeth, Ross, and Lennox. They live in a large, but mostly empty house as Ross and Lennox share a room together, Macbeth with his own room, and a room for the …show more content…

His mother, Lady Macbeth, questions his intelligence as well as his manliness if he did not cheat on his last SAT. As a result of his cheating, he is consumed by guilt and starts to have eerie visions of his SAT score.

He is skinny, tall, and frequently wears sweatpants and sweatshirts. Macbeth cheats his way in every class and gets away with it every time without feeling guilty, but cheating on a national test is something else.

Lady Macbeth, portrayed by Amber, is Macbeth’s mother. She is a middle-aged lady who believes the only way to success is through cheating and gaining advantage of other people. She thinks her son is unintelligent and will never get into college because his SAT scores are laughable. She questions Macbeth’s manliness and tells him to cheat on the SATs.

She is lean, tall, and often goes to church. She regularly wears clothing that do not match her social class as she is often trying to manipulate other people in order to gain an upper hand in most situations. Despite her pretty looks, she often acts irrationally, but recently, she has been seen portraying a more responsible role.

Banquo’s Ghost, is portrayed by the ghastly images that Macbeth has of his SAT score that he cheated on. They are constantly floating around Macbeth and taunting him, making him feel extremely guilty.

The visions fill the room Macbeth is in and appear existent. Even though the images are just numbers, Macbeth

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