Analysis Of Alex Christmas : Alex Cross

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The book Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, written by James Patterson is a realistic fiction. The action thriller is about Alex Cross ,a detective, tells the story in his view of how he experienced it, first person. All Alex Cross wants to do is spend time with his family on Christmas Eve and Christmas night, but he can not because he has to take care of a hostage situation and then after that, there is a terrorist attack. After he finishes another problem and thinks he can go home with his family, he can not, another problem happens.
The story takes place in modern day in Washington D.C. during christmas time. “As I drove through the almost-deserted Dc streets, the snow that had looked so beautiful an hour ago now seemed downright ugly” (15). The quote explains the setting the story and says that there is snow. The story’s setting taking place in Washington D.C. does not affect the story tremendously. Although, they are currently in a snow storm which does affect the story, but the story also could have taken place in any other other city with snow. If there wasn't a snow storm than Alex Cross would not have any issues from getting place to place.
The main character in the book is Alex Cross. He is a detective that is one of the best in the city. Alex Cross is a fairly tall guy that is six feet and two inches tall. Alex is a very brave man that will do anything to get the job done. He will have grenades and bullets coming at him, but he does not care as long as it gets the job

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