Analysis Of Aphra Behn 's Oroonoko

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Aphra Behn, since the start of story Oroonoko takes on an apologetic tone in her narration of the story. She starts of by apologizing (examples) as to the form of her writing and why she writes some parts of the story while omitting others. It is not fully understood whether when Behn refers to being “a female pen” she does so in a sarcastic way or with a deeper meaning, giving a double sense to her story. That although she writes about a male character, she decides to write and exalt those parts of his life that were influenced by a woman, making them as something as a very meaningful part of his story that influenced his actions, exalting the role of a woman in this great man’s life.
First of all speaking of the characterization of women in her story, we see that women are treated merely as objects and do not have the power to make decisions for themselves, they are mostly always under the strict rule of a man. Starting off with the character of Imoinda, we see that she only has a considerable power because of her beauty. It is because of her beauty and her shy manner that Oroonoko finds her so attractive, and therefore decides to marry her and have her as his only wife for the rest of his life. After getting married, Imoinda is called by the King of Kalimenes to join his multitude of wives. The only reason that Imoinda can proclaim to let her be slightly safe from the king is to tell him that she is married; meaning that only by being under the protection of marriage to

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