Analysis Of ' Born During The Witch Trials '

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Born during the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts Nathanael Hawthorne’s depicted many beliefs of the well-known puritans in his novels. (Bloom) Hawthorne used color and symbolism to portray themes of sin Guilt, innocence in everyday life. He also uses visual clues to portray the themes of the short story Goodman Brown. Hawthorne: ability to employ so much imagery that mesmerizes readers to the degree of connecting his short story with their everyday life.
Young Goodman Brown a young pure hearted man, bids farewell to his wife faith reassuring his wife he must leave. He ventures into the infamous forest of Salem. Where a series of events take place changes Goodman Browns life forever. The color pink is associated with innocence and happiness, faith wears a pink ribbon in her cap which represents purity.
So they parted; and the young man pursued his way until, being about to turn the corner by the meeting-house, he looked back and saw the head of Faith still peeping after him with a melancholy air, in spite of her pink ribbons. "Poor little Faith!" thought he, for his heart smote him. "What a wretch am I to leave her on such an errand! She talks of dreams, too. Me thought as she spoke there was trouble in her face, as if a dream had warned her what work is to be done to-night. But no, no; 't would kill her to think it.” (Hawthorne)
The pink ribbons that Faith put on her cap represent her purity. The color pink is associated with innocence and gaiety, and ribbons…
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