Analysis Of Charles Cheswick In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Novels, whether they are works of fiction or not, have some of the greatest leaders who either are represented as the main character or are alongside said protagonist. These people perform great deeds throughout the hero’s quest until they reach the end of their adventure. Some of these leaders perform great sacrifices that leaves there lasting legacy ingrained in the minds of the reader and the characters. Charles Cheswick from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, written by Ken Kesey, even though his journey is not as clear cut as these other leaders, eventually makes his own impact on the ward. Charles Cheswick tries to discover his self-knowledge by learning how to stand up for what he believes in. Cheswick’s journey for being an independent leader begins when McMurphy first arrives to the ward and has his first group therapy session with Nurse Ratched and the other members who reside in the institution. When Cheswick finds out that McMurphy is anti-authority, and not afraid to show it, he, along with the other patients, start to encourage him to constantly harass Nurse Ratched. What Cheswick does not realise is that this event makes McMurphy start to become more passive, which puts a screeching halt in the progress of Cheswick “quest” to become a real leader. Once McMurphy decides that he needs to be a symbol for the ward and resumes his journey, Cheswick’s restarts as well. Cheswick almost immediately associates himself with McMurphy because he is not afraid to be loud

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