Analysis Of Christopher Mccandless 's ' Into The Wild '

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Allen Primack
Mr. Devinney
American Lit 1st Hour
Outside Novel Essay Option #2::
Christopher McCandless­ an adventurous, curious, unsettled, isolated, and unheard of young man, who is very deserving of reader’s sympathy Imagine being separated from society and the outside world, left along soul searching in the wilderness, with limited resources and constantly living upon uncharted territories. A similar experience actually occurred in real life , and hence a fantastic novel was born by the story of a young man with a seemingly bright future, who soon endured the journey of a lifetime. The well known novel “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer is based on the true story of Christopher
McCandless, a young man from a wealthy family in the Eastern United States, who, after graduating from Emory University, donated all his available money to charity and embarked on a trip through the American West under the surname "Alexander Supertramp". Two years later,
McCandless was found dead in the desolation of Alaska. This discovery triggered a spectacular piece of investigative journalism that is analyzed in American Literature classes throughout the country. Krakauer, the author of the novel, begins telling the tale of how a group of wandering explorers found dead a boy on a bus in the wilderness. As the book progresses, the story of Christopher
McCandless, the young man who decided to leave society and civilization, to embark on what must have been the adventure of a lifetime, is

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