Analysis Of Cyrus ' Ascension Of The Throne '

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Greek society put forth some of histories greatest works of writing, producing some of histories greatest sources in which granted insight into both their own culture and society and that o other civilizations of their time. Out of Greece came such a great writer and historian as Xenophon who through his military experience was able to gain insight into the inner workings of Persian society and culture under the rule of Cyrus. His authoring of the work Cyropaedia and other Persian related sources showcase Cyrus’ tactics and reformations put into place in order to successfully rule over a vast multicultural society. It is clear that Cyropaedia is not necessarily meant to be truly written as a historical document of Cyrus’ ascension to the throne. The sources authored by Xenophon instead playthe role of an artist’s rendition mixed with philosophical antidotes towards the role of a leader in the eyes of Xenophon as he uses Cyrus’ life in order to put forth his own philosophical ideologies. While filled with some inaccuracies due to Xenophon’s own motives it does offers great insight into the transformation of culture and society of the Persians under the rule of Cyrus and the various changes he implicated. According to Xenophon, The use of his education, the ability to rule through fear and demand respect along with the transformation of the Persian army were all factors that Xenophon discusses leading to the shift of Persian culture and society from that of one focused upon

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