Analysis Of Discovering Wes Moore

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1. Discuss your views on this book. Did you enjoy this book or would you have wanted to read another book? Give at least 3 reasons why or why not. My views on the book, “Discovering Wes Moore” by Wes Moore is it has a detailed and interesting story to tell, meaning in my opinion I would pick this book and recommend it to others. This personal narrative is a very enjoyable book to read in many ways. First is due to many upcoming twist. As the narrative starts Wes Moore has a happy life with his father, mother, and siblings, but it does not stay the same. Soon or later Moore’s “Dad was dead five hours after having been released from the hospital” (Moore, pg. 15) which changes the whole story. Also, due to the fact that the setting affected the change of Mr. Moore’s personality also made the book a lot more engaging. The author stated that his “mother was proud. She saw how I’d changed since starting military school” (Moore, pg. 72). Last but not least is the importance of the little details creating the big ideas. For example Moore turning into a smart man and the other Moore in jail. As the ideas develop the reader gets a brighter and easier way to comprehend the plot, and make it more fun. This is why “Discovering Wes Moore” is a fascinating book.

2. Give your opinion on how the text and graphic features in this book helped you comprehend the content of the book. Explain using evidence from the text. If there aren’t many features just focus on the titles and book cover.

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