Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe's 'Go Back To Where You Came From'

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The process of discovery is often, a rigid and gruelling journey which leads an individual or group to formulate new perspectives as truth is uncovered. Exploring new worlds, people and places, thrilling the individual to reevaluate their understanding of the world and society transforming perceptions. This is explored in the reality documentary series directed by Ivan O’Mahoney’s ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’ which encapsulates the hardships of asylum seekers catalysing the participants emotional and intellectual rediscovery. Furthermore, Edgar Ellen Poe’s poem the ‘Raven’ examines the impacts of stress and anxiety of a heartbroken lover antagonised by the presence of a raven achieving self-discovery provoking an emotional and …show more content…

Reinforcing the dehumanisation, demoralisation and injustice that asylum seekers experience. However, the emotional and intellectual discovery is provoked during the Midnight raid confronting responders with tense music, cross-cutting and close shots of disorientated and stressed asylum seekers. Challenging the participants to reevaluate their prejudice mindsets evident through Raye’s epiphany “I don’t think that’s criminal”, leading to the overall realisation of self-discovery. The utilisation of a four-tiered structure allows responders to experience the emotional and intellectual discovery of each participant.

Discovery can be confronting and distressing at times triggers the responders to empathise with the protagonist through the emotional and intellectual discovery. Edgar Ellen Poe’s poem centers on the despair and insanity surrounding the loss of a loved one. The cliche use of “once upon” sets an archaic and melancholy mood Furthermore the poem’s trochaic octameter structure and rhyme gives a musical lilt. Poe utilisation of the animal symbolism encapsulates the protagonist’ emotional and intellectual loneliness. The raven catalyses the anxiety evident through the high modal negative connotations such as “evil” and “devil”, the confronting and consistently reminded of the truth weighs heavy on the protagonist’s mentality. Highlighting the difficulties of discovery

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