Analysis Of Edgar Allen Poe 's ' The Cask '

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Blaine Bowman Mrs. McKay American Literature 10 November, 2015 Gothic Elements in Poe’s Captivating Stories Edgar Allen Poe can be described as a master of gothic literature. Poe enjoyed incorporating the gothic theme into his stories (“The Cask” 52). The free dictionary website describes gothicism as "a style in fictional literature characterized by gloomy settings, violent or grotesque action, and a mood of decay, degeneration, and decadence." Edgar Allen Poe experienced many failures and disappointments throughout the course of his life. The deaths of many loved ones, most of whom died from "The Red Death," or Tuberculosis as he called it, inspired him to create both gloomy and frightening stories. Poe 's life started out very melancholy and uncanny, as did his literary works. Along with his sister, Poe became dirt poor after the death of his beloved parents. He was then "adopted" into the Allen family. Mr. Allen and Poe never got along and tensions grew in their relationship, which brought Poe feelings of resentment that he incorporated into his stories. As Poe 's dreary life went on, he lost his adopted mother, Mrs. Allen, and his cousin whom he had married earlier in his life. Without the inspiration brought from the many disappointments he experienced, Poe would not have become the famous, gifted writer he was known as. The themes apparent in Poe 's stories challenge readers to dig deep and delve into the meanings of his work. The theme of Gothicism is Bowman 2
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