Analysis Of ' Fahrenheit 451 ' By Ayn Rand

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In Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian society is depicted lacking one major aspect; books. Written in the wake of the cultural purge by Nazi Germany, there are evident parallels of the effects of mass media on culture between the book and the events that took place in Germany. Bradburys intent of the novel was to demonstrate that in the lack of books and outside forms of culture, information given replaces true, original thought, and the one thing that makes us humans disappears. Without the ability to freely think or successful communicate, humanity becomes no different than a machine. In Anthem, by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521 comes to the realization of the significance of individuality, and that one’s own free thought, ideas, and perception are what gives the individual purpose, and the world a meaning. Guy Montag comes to a similar realization when he follows the steps of Equality 7-2521, and takes a step back from society to gain a lens through Clarisse McKlellan. A lack of culture and literature has visible effects of Clarisse McKellan, Guy Montag, Mildred, and society as a whole. The ideologies, class struggles, and methods of control depicted in Fahrenheit 451 shed light upon the oppression of culture in the absence of books, literature, and a basis for freethought. Marxism is a critical perspective based off of the ideas of Karl Marx, with Marx’s most famous work being the Communist Manifesto. This book illustrates a social theory in which all class and need

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