Analysis Of Frederick Douglass 's ' The Light Of Darkness ' Essay

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The glimmering light in darkness, the key to the shackles of oppression, all of which integrate into the hope: Frederick Douglass. America was not free. Not free even after what was known as the war for independence, the war for freedom, the revolutionary war. As racial maltreatment ran rampant along with social injustice, the United States slowly grew to be a misnomer. Slavery, above all, cast its umbra upon productivity, and set a twisted precedent leading to the patriarchy. For some, this was seen as affliction, but for others, this was opportunity to mend America. The following chapters of its history identifies largely with social and moral liberation. The United States did not become understanding and compliant with societal equality in an instant, as it took strain, sweat, and blood to simply obtain a basic right: freedom. Through Frederick Douglass’s unique slave background, he developed a vision for the future, a vision which propelled Douglass on his quest that would earn him the title, “Father of the Civil Rights Movement” and depolarize equality. All people have an impetus, either experience or dream to push them forward; for Douglass, his background of slavery and salvation drove him to spread his ideas by oration. Providence threw Douglass into life as the son of a Black slave and her White slave master. The Black slave woman, Douglass’s mother, died when he was just eight years old, forcing Douglass into a life without a true mother figure. Consequently, he

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