Analysis Of Gattaca, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Catch Me If You Can And V For Vendetta

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My chosen particular aspect that I have analyzed to be found to have significant connections between my four chosen texts is identity. I have perceived this theme of identity through four different films of Gattaca, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Catch Me If You Can and V for Vendetta. Through these films I have formed three questions off of my theme identity analyzed: What was the effect of identity on the people around the protagonist what drove the protagonists to obtain a new identity? What was identity’s effect on the protagonists themselves?
What was the effect of identity on the people around the protagonist? In the movie Gattaca Vincent, the protagonist, effects Jerome in a way that Vincent becomes Jerome genetically ‘borrowing’ his …show more content…

In the movie The talented Mr. Ripley, Tom, born a third classman, tries fitting in with the first class by taking on several identities to ensure his place in the top, but by doing this he effects those he grew to love in Italy. Dickie had everything Tom wanted, so Tom took it upon himself to morph into Dickie. This ended in tears as Dickie confronts Tom “Who are you? Huh? Some third class mooch? Who are you? Who are you to say anything to me?”, and calls him out, whilst they argue Tom completes his transformation out of rage, killing Dickie and dumping his body. This event turns the world Tom came to upside down, thus his identity effecting Dickie by killing him, his wife by her loss, Freddie by losing his friend and his farther by losing his son. In the movie Catch Me If You Can, Frank uses his identity to achieve his happiness, but without knowing, what he thought he was doing was right, was actually wrong. Frank wants to reunite his family by using fraudulent cheques, and using his different identities he achieves this though effecting those he bought off and also the government for cashing checks by exploiting the system. This also effects his farther, with constant letters and offers of money to his lonely poor farther, he begins to figure what’s happening and this crushes him inside as a result of his son fighting back

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