Analysis Of George Orwell's '1984'

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1. In the movie, the concept of Newspeak isn’t explained very well. The book explains in great detail why words were being removed from the language in order to create Newspeak, but the movie briefly discusses it. Also, Winston’s job is not clearly described. The movie shows that he rewrites history, but it doesn’t tell why the Party has people alter past documents or how it actually benefits them. In the book, both Winston and Julia go to O’Brien’s house to learn about the Brotherhood, but the movie shows Winston going alone, and it never mentions what he’s doing there. This should have been made clearer because it’s a very important part and it influences the outcome of the story. The depressing atmosphere of the novel was executed very well because every scene was dark and lacked color, except for when Winston and Julia visited the Golden Country. Winston seemed to have felt true happiness when he met Julia there, so it made sense to have only that scene be brightly colored. 2. Winston is meant to be a character that readers can identify with. He is just an ordinary man who somehow finds the strength to rebel against something that he thinks is unfair. Orwell gives Winston some common traits that a hero would have. A hero …show more content…

She is fairly content with her life, as long as she is able to continue regularly sleep with Party members. Julia is more realistic than Winston and knows how to successfully evade the Party, since she had done it many times before she met him. Julia’s character is also clearly shown when she rebels. When she tells Winston that she has slept with Party members hundreds of times, it shows how she is willing to put herself at risk just to satisfy her desires. Her fate is the same as Winston’s and she can no longer feel anything towards

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