Analysis Of Giovanni 's Room By James Baldwin

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As Swami Nirmalananda once said, “Our modern society is engaged in polishing and decorating the cage in which man is kept imprisoned.” Giovanni’s Room, one of James Baldwin’s novels, has been considered one the most influential novels of the twentieth century. The simple, yet articulated title constructs the most symbolic piece of the whole novel, which clearly accentuates the fact that it mainly revolves around Giovanni’s room being a prison. This horrifying portrayal of the room comes together to develop and create an overall negative atmosphere around homosexuality and how it is perceived by society as something dirty, inhuman, and detrimental. The imagery, combined with metaphors, reveals the obscurity of how sexual identity can be perceived and alternated by society itself, as well as how race, class, sexual orientation, shame, internalized hate and psychological factors can a affect a person. Through Giovanni’s Room Baldwin was able to “construct literature that psychologically penetrated our minds” (PBS), making a direct reflection on how society has been drawn upon a common thought that homosexuality is wrong and somehow society believes that it can be changed, causing denial, confusion, and self-hatred. Baldwin’s carefully crafted title allows for Giovanni’s room to later be seen as a prison with just four walls and seemingly no way out. Although David, the main character in Baldwin’s novel, seems to be in love with Giovanni, he results to deny his
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