Analysis Of Gloria Steinem 's Article ' Our Revolution Has Just Began '

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Feminism adheres to all humans, regardless of race, sex, religion or any other defining mark and in order for true equality to be reality, human’s as a whole must demand for it. Gloria Steinem’s article “Our Revolution Has Just Begun,” addresses the underlying truths of feminism and its never-ending movement towards total equality. My analysis will focus on Steinem’s arguments regarding the future, which lie ahead for women as well as feminism itself, these arguments include: the economic benefits of equal gender pay, women’s right to reproductive freedom, and violence towards women. The debate over equal gender pay has been and will continue to be a core issue among social feminists and can be seen as an apparent movement within the third wave of feminism. Socialist feminism relates to radical feminism for it recognizes the oppression of women within a patriarchal society (Kirk, Okazawa-Rey, G-6), however social feminism does not see gender as the foundation of all oppression. A gap in salary of the genders not only oppresses women, but it is a catalyst for oppression in society as a whole and a key component of socialist feminism is the idea of other oppressed groups being recognized, bringing to light this idea of intersectionality. Steinem addresses this issue of gender pay gaps in regards to political campaigns and the separation of “economic issues” and “women’s issues.” The argument made by Steinem is that these issues are one in the same, the solution to the

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