Analysis Of Harper Lee 's ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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“ I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless. I am Divergent” (Roth 442). This quotation display a certain substance we all need understand about ourselves in life; we are more than one thing, one personally, and one judgement, we are all divergent. Divergent is a powerful word in which means that we are all different than what the world may want you to be or how you are portrayed as to the rest of the world. Divergent means, you are not just one human you are one different human being who has many aspects that make you the person you are. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, judgement is evident when characters Arthur Radley, Atticus Finch, and Dolphus Raymond are misjudged for the way they community sees them, which is being judged by one aspect rather than more of the person 's true character. Throughout the novel, Arthur Radley also know as Boo, is misjudged by the community for being a phantasm person regarding his considerate personality; Atticus Finch is misjudged by his children for being uninteresting man who only reads rather than hunt, drink, or smoke regarding his modest personality. Finally, Dolphus Raymond is misjudged by the community for being a drunk who is married to a black woman and has mixed children regarding his selfless personality.

Arthur Radley is misjudged by the community of Maycomb regarding his considerate personality. Arthur Radley is misjudged by his community for being inhuman in ways in which he dines on raw animals, the way he…
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