Analysis Of Ha's A Refugee: Inside Out And Back Again

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A Refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. Ha’s a 10 year old girl from saigon who is a refugee, she had to flee her home in saigon, before she fled her her she was a very stubborn and sassy. The title of the book is Inside out and back again by Thanhha Lai. Refugees lives from inside out when they have to leave their home. The article states, “ Then we got a letter from a lady in Serbs who was out contact with him, and has been killed.” (Brice, 26) This shows emris dad has been killed and her family is moving and leaving her behind. This article states, “Brother Vu wants to cut it down, saying it's better than letting communists have it.” (Lai, 60) This shows Ha’s brother is wanting to cut it down because where the communists don't have more food. This article states, “Brother Vu chops the head falls; a silver blade slices. Black seeds spill cluster of eyes wet and crying.” (Lai, 60) This shows that Ha’s brother is cutting down the papaya tree because he don't want the communist to have it. …show more content…

The article states, “ I want to get my family here on if that doesn't happen, send them money because life is really hard there. I'm going back to see my father's grave. But america is giving us a better future than we could have in Bosnia.” (Brice, 14) This shows she's having a better live where she is now. The article states, “ I go to the board, chalk the answers in five moves.” (Lai, 187) This shows Ha is getting more comfortable in school and about live there. This article states, “ We line up in five rows, squatting and shifting, the only moves he has taught us. I make sure to get in the front row.” (Lai, 192) This shows she's getting more of showing herself because she's getting more use to

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