Analysis Of Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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This summer I read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. Into the Wild is a nonfiction novel depicting the adventures of Chris Mccandless. The novel also includes a short excerpt regarding Jon Krakauer’s adventure in Alaska. The author’s style of writing is boring and repetitive, even though the novel’s subject is intriguing. Before starting Into the Wild, I was excited to start reading, but as I got further into the book and the story wasn’t developing, I became bored and annoyed with the author's writing style of telling the interesting aspects of the story quickly, and expanding on minute details that had little relevance to the plot. Krakauer began the book by revealing the fate of Chris Mccandless and then proceeded to give unrelevant details until the final chapter where Krakauer proceeded to make the novel compelling. This was not the first time I have read a nonfiction novel and is the second time I read a novel written by Jon Krakauer. In eighth grade, I read Into Thin Air, which was a compelling and alluring novel that recounted his journey climbing Mt. Everest. My admiration of Krakauer’s work regarding Into Thin Air is the main reason I chose to read Into the Wild this summer. My opinion regarding the novel is based on Krakauer’s choice of writing style because the topic of the novel is even more intriguing than his other novels topics, but because of this being related to a short article he wrote in Outside Magazine, he only expanded on small details and focused less

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