Analysis Of Jim Goldberg's ' Rich And Poor '

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Jim Goldberg is one of the American photographers who work in a unique style. According to Smith (2015), Jim has applied to various books where the two most prominent ‘Rich and Poor’ is an affluent reality with those in poverty. In the 1960s, issues such as insanity, obscenity, violence and deformities began to be exploited intensively for several photographers. Preferred icons were outsider’s prototypes as the dwarf, the eccentric, the prostitute, the addict, insane. That is, inappropriate, the marginal, the dangerous, the forbidden, the exotic and the bizarre, Jim that showed socially inappropriate and cannot fit into society. According to Goldberg (2013), there is such agony and pity in his pictures of the American poor, not simply of the individuals who have been physically scarred by life, yet of those exhausted by the everyday battle to get by. At first, Goldberg 's methodology moves between the formal representation and the witnessed preview, however turns out to be by and large more formal – and the torment less apparent – when he enters the other nation that is rich America. Here, the concerns of the sitters tend towards the individualistic. In accordance of Goldberg (2013), Goldberg has connected the system to a few books, the two most unmistakable being 'Rich and Poor ' which compares a wealthy reality with those in destitution, and 'Raised by Wolves ' which reports a gathering of youthful runaway medication addicts. Baskind (2012) explains that these photos

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