Analysis Of Joseph Campbell's Power Of Myth

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In Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell calls the movie theater “a special temple where the hero has moved into the sphere of being mythologized” (Campbell). Watching the movie Baraka, the audience can connect to Campbell’s description of the didactic nature of movies. According to its co-director Fricke, Baraka was intended to be "a journey of rediscovery that plunges into nature, into history, into the human spirit and finally into the realm of the infinite" (Fricke). It is a visualization of the interconnectedness humans share with the earth. Furthermore, Baraka dives into the didactic elements of archetypes and images that instruct the soul. Although Baraka does not use words, there is a clear message of humans and their world that …show more content…

With no main predator to kill the elk and other small prey, they grew out of control. The grass became overgrazed and trees produced little fruit. The Endangered Species Act was passed and required national parks to protect endangered species. Fourteen wolves were reintroduced in 1995. Ultimately scientists saw a change in the environment and the plant life started flourishing again. The ecosystem repaired itself and the wolves were protected by the national park. Elk population, of course, dropped dramatically in the first few years after the wolves were reintroduced but it soon balanced itself out. In this scene, it shows the complete duality of the predator hunting the prey. Death portrays itself through the gazelle dying and life through the gazelle providing food for the lion and possibly its offspring. Something humans have lost is the ability to control the population like many wild animals portray. Humans are forever growing exponentially and cannot be stopped, altering how the world looks and how organisms act. Proof of this is domestication of animals and creating incredibly sturdy pieces of architecture. The second picture the re-enactment of Hiroshima bombing. This duality being shown good and evil. The Hiroshima bombing was a horrific event killing thousands of innocent civilians. The allied powers are widely seen as the good side even though they were responsible for this horrifying event. The good did

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