Analysis Of ' Kill A Mockingbird And Still I Rise '

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Past and present times encounter with each other through To Kill a Mockingbird and Still I rise. Throughout the context of To Kill a Mockingbird the message of change in society occurs evidently. During the story, the African Americans had made evident progress through independence, strength and courage. Although they faced conflict, they had generous people like Dolphus Raymond, the judge and Atticus, that were willing to assist them with good will, through this they proved that not every individual was racist in southern states. Certain people like Mrs. Finch and Walter Cunningham were able to overlook their ways and treat blacks equally. As well, though their corrupted justice system Tom Robinson was only 8 people away from being verdict (proven) as innocent. The law and order in Maycomb was prejudice to the Caucasians, nevertheless, Tom Robinson was at least given a chance for freedom. Those 8 people could have changed his live that day, still, the future generation of Scout, Jem and Dill through education, were able to grasp the concept of inequality. If the future generation is able to distinguish the cruelty, consequently they can advocate change. The last major change that occurred was the reliance the slaves had on their owners. They used to have no schools and weren’t able to read, but now, have teachers and school and children learn from the Blacks’ point of view. The hands of their vicious owners used to hold their money, lives, and future. Yet now? Blacks have

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