Analysis Of King Tut's Death Of A Chariot

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Chariots are easy to ride except when you have a clubbed foot ( your foot is twisted facing the inside of your foot.) King Tut on the other hand had a clubbed foot so it made him need walking assistance. So on the other hand KIng Tut would have got on a Chariot unstable. In New evidence sheds light King Tut’s death, riding a Chariot was so important to Tut. So without thinking about his clubbed foot he would jump on and not be able to stabileyes himself. Further evidence Tut died by a Chariot because in Mystery of King Tut’s death solved? Maybe not, the article says the “King may have been riding a chariot during a hunt or a battle activities the ancient Egyptian rulers routinely performed as a part of their kingly duties.”The last part of

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