Analysis Of Legacy Of Caring By Kristin Higson-Hughes

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Since a very young age Erika was taught by her grandma, Jennie Louise, to help others in need. However, since she was just a kid, she really did not understand why her Grandma did it if she was not getting something back. Though, because of her grandmas influence Erika later understood and began to do similar acts of kindness and continued to do them as an adult. When Erika’s grandma was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and unfortunately lost her battle Erika and her family decided to start ‘One kind step’ to keep her grandma’s legacy alive. Erika’s story, “Legacy of Caring” written by Kristin Higson-Hughes accomplished to persuade the audience to help others in need by using pathos and ethos.
During the introduction paragraph, Kristin Higson-Hughes establishes a strong connection with the audience by establishing her credibility. One of the ways she accomplished this was by telling a memory when Erika was little girl. “Follow me” Gram said then, and they went outside, where a man with a scruffy beard stood at their Newark, New Jersey, stop. “See you tomorrow” he said nodding in gratitude as Gram handed him the plate.” (Higson-Hughes 1). Erika was taught do charity work a very young age by her grams. This demonstrates her reliability that it was not decision she had made over night. She has many years of experience alongside with her grams helping the ones in need. However, she also builds trust with the audience when she demonstrates, that despite that her grams had died

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