Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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“Why?!” Imagine you, a white naïve Southerner, laying in bed, trying to sleep only to hear the screaming and repeating terror from an innocent negro running through your perplexed mind. The African American people attempt to tell you that segregation is wrong. However, it is hard to see it that way due to the fact that people are a product of their environment. You seem to continuously ask for the reason of their seemingly absurd actions and wonder why they are so rebellious. Over time the segregation worsens and treatment of negroes becomes too abusive. You begin reflecting on the situation at hand and realize that race shouldn't affect how you treat others. So, now you start to comprehend why the blacks stopped being so polite and began using direct action. Mr. King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail” states that freedom will never be given voluntarily; therefore, it must be demanded through direct action by those that are segregated against. Dr. King recognizes how big of a problem discrimination is in the Southern states, and the lack of sympathy for those involved. When a person is born, their skin color is what God gave them, and it is neither returnable nor exchangeable, therefore, it shouldn’t be a damnification. The fact that blacks are segregated due to their skin color alone, is an injustice and needs to be stopped. Dr. King states that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” (1). In this quote, he expresses that followers of injustice can

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