Analysis Of Major Themes Of Chomsky 's Manufacturing Consent

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Evan Jan Dr. Twicken Political Science 10 Honors 20 November 2014 Analysis of Major Themes in Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent As a society, us Americans tend to put stock in varied forms of mass media. From Disney to Gannett we grow up with selective views of the world and shaped opinions based on TV ratings. There are many theories on hegemony in American society. Dr. Noam Chomsky, a preeminent authority in 20th century political philosophy, discusses how news media is a tool for disseminating propaganda provided by the powerful elite in his book Manufacturing Consent. He discusses how American mass media is a tool of democracy to placate the majority of the populous and encourage compliance without overt use of force. He makes several major points throughout his book. Chomsky discusses how propaganda is necessary to the functioning of our “democracy” similar to how other types of government either overtly or covertly enforce support among their regime. He makes the point that our media and news outlets are inescapably tied to the political machine. Most importantly, he discusses what he calls the propaganda model of the media. The propaganda model of the media argues that media falls under five different filters. These filters describe how the media is controlled and influenced. The first filter consists of the size of the corporation, owner wealth, and profit orientation of the company. The second comes in the form of advertising as the primary source of income for

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