Analysis Of Malcolm X: Dark Visionary Fiction

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Unlike most of the recent dark visionary fictions, X explores an apocalyptic event not of our making: in the near future an asteroid hits the moon. Hey Whats up Hello Sit Your pretty soon as you came in the door i just want to chill got a sack for us to roll married to the money introduced her to my stove showed her how to whip it now shes remixing for low cuz she my trap queen let her hit the bando We be countin' up, watch how far them bands go We just set a goal, talkin' matchin' Lambos Got 50, 60 grand, 5 100 grams though Man, I swear I love her how she work the pole Hit the strip club, we be letting bands go Everybody hating, we just call them fans though In love with the money, I ain't never letting go

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