Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's ' The Scarlet Letter '

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Nathaniel Hawthorne was an American novelist and short story writer.He was born in Masasschusetts in 1804 , whose father was a sea captain.He was descedant as a Puritan family known for their attacks on Quakers , Indians and ‘’witches ‘’.Therefore when he was 20 years old , he added a ‘’w’’ to his original name “”Hathorne’’ as a distance to his family past . Hawthorne ‘s characterists were described as a shy ,solitary ,idle student at school , who prefered reading as a lifestyle.He was graduated from Bowdoin College , where he met Franklin Pierce , whom soon became a president, this friendship later would result political appointments sustained him in lean times. In his work, the first novel titled ‘’Twice Told Tales’’ was published in 1837. He commited for pacifist and wrote against the Civil War. He continued writing until his death in 1864 , leaving 8 novels , 9 short stories and 4 unfinished manuscripts.
The Scarlet Letter is a romantic work of fiction in a historical setting, which is considered to be his greatest work. The story was set in a Puritan settlement in the mid-1640s in Boston. A young beautiful woman named Hester Bryne , who is required to wear a letter ‘’A’’ in front of her breast , which is a sympol of adultery and shame , and she has to stand in front of the crowd on the scafford to be exposed to the crowd under the scaffold. While Hester stands on the scaffold , she spots her husband standing in the crowd. They later speak in the jail , He reveals
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