Analysis Of Nothing Gold Can Stay

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This poem was written by Robert Frost. This poem was publised in 1923. The poet's point of view was a political view on the nation.English is the origional language of the poem.
The style of the poem is narrative, this means that the poem is telling us a story.
The title's meaning gives you an idea of the poems story behind it. The title " Nothing Gold Can Stay" gives us a mood of sadness and loss. The title is not representing a contrast between two things, it is simply giving you an idea of the poem's meaning. When you hear " Nothing Gold can stay" you think of loss and something precious being lost.
Even though the poem is rather short and doesn't contain much repetition; the word "gold" is used frequently because gold is what is symbolizing something precious and valuable.
Supposing the time frame in the poem is rather difficult, but when we look at the characters we hear about Eden who is from long long ago, this suggests early in time. The poem is also using present tense, this is telling us there is a tinme hop in his poem.
Provided in Robert Frost's poem; the characters include nature, Eden, and gold.
Robert is trying to descretly tell us about his fear of the war, and in he is leaving out significant facts so we can fuill in the blanks with our voices to make this poem have a certain message to each individual.
Robert Frost’s Nothing Gold can stay is more so related and based on nature rathe than culture
Whenever we discover the reason he wrote this poem we

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