Analysis Of Only Drunk And Children Tell The Truth

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The Play, Only Drunks and children tell the truth, is written by Drew Hayden Taylor. The Play is about the separation of two sisters and how their lives are different and the regret both possess. The two sisters were both born of a Native background on a reserve, but as a young child Grace, who is now known as Janice, was taken away from her family and put in the care of a European Family. During the 1950’s and 60’s, the Europeans viewed the First Nation way of life unfit and improper lifestyle they lived. Therefore, the European Settlers build schools and adopted the children and started taking away the children with the view that First Nation parents were unfit to care for them. One View that the Europeans had on life is that if you want …show more content…

The Play, Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth is important to Canada’s Identity because while it's not something we want to be proud of but it also shows that while we are a free country we have made mistakes in the past. While the desensitizing of the First Nation youth was a dark era for us as a society. Its part of who we are and how we have gotten to where we are today. The purpose of the book is to show that even if something happened many years ago its not too wrong to go back and see what you could have missed and ‘Coming to terms with a persons Heritage.” The intention of the play is to give insight on the aftermath of taking the First Nation youth away. With the play, we see Janice as being lost and confused, but not wanting to show it. It was only when Barb got her drunk that she admitted how confused, she was about where she truly belonged. The Play is a great example of our Canadian Identity as it shows that even being separate and barely even knowing people we still can create and have a good time. The play also shows that even being lost and confused about who we are, we don’t assume right away of the current Scenario. In the Book, Barb With the help from Tonto and Rodney broke into Janice’s Home. In a normal situation, Janice would call the police as she would think they are breaking in to steal from her, but instead she hears them out and listens to

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