Analysis Of ' Orange Is The New Black '

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The artifact I have chosen to analyze is the following scene from the show “Orange is the New Black” ( This scene displays an interaction between two prisoners and friends, Poussey and Taystee. Poussey is furious with Taystee for ending up back in prison after being released. Taystee attempts to explain herself by claiming that prison is easier than attempting to live a normal life after prison. Poussey smacks Taystee and angrily states that her mom passed away while she was in prison and she wasn’t there to say goodbye so Taystee has no reason for walking back into prison “because freedom was inconvenient.” To this Taystee responds by sincerely claiming that life after prison is “some kind of joke”; in the real world she doesn’t have anywhere to stay, she owes the prison money that she doesn’t have, and everyone she knows is “poor, in jail, or gone”. At least in prison she knows “where to be and what rules to follow”, has a bed, and gets dinners. I argue that this scene portrays the many ways in which America’s criminal justice system negatively affects the average African-American significantly more than it does the average white person.
The first reason I argue that this scene portrays how America’s criminal justice system is worse for African-Americans than for Whites regards Taystee’s inability to resume a normal life because of her poverty and that of the neighborhood she returns to. Taystee recalls that outside of prison

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