Analysis Of Proposition 47

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It would be appropriate to suggest that the campaign was successful because it appealed to millennial voters. With decades of failed policies, people’s outlook on the future is uncertain, which is why young people took it upon themselves to educate the public about Proposition 47. For example, a student-led campaign, IGNITE, took an on an initiative of advocating for Proposition 47, arguing that the government should invest in education instead of wasting money on prisons (Park 2014). Similarly, Amnesty International and Bruin Democrats advocated on behalf of supporting Proposition 47. Comparatively, The Brothers, Sons, Selves coalition held a rally in Downtown, Los Angeles with more than 100 youth and community leaders marching in support …show more content…

Likewise, Human Impact Partners (2014) issued a report suggesting that Prop 47 would reduce recidivism, crime, keep families together, reduce crime, and save money to the state and counties. Furthermore, the proponents incorporated the report in the successful campaign arguing for the benefits of the proposition. In the last day efforts to gain enough support, California Yes on Prop 47 in partnership with PICO held a 4-½ week “get out and vote operation” (Smith 2014). The aim of the campaign was to create a momentum among infrequent and newly registered voters in African-American, Asian Pacific, and Latino Communities (Smith 2014). They contacted 300,000 infrequent voters and identified 250,000 “yes” voters (Smith 2014). Likewise, 8,000 grassroots leaders walked door to door and phoned approximately 40,000 in 14 counties of California to educate voters on the benefits of Proposition 47 (Smith 2014). Additionally, notable public figures, such as Jay-Z and Newt Gingrich, argued for the passage of the Proposition. Jay-Z urged California concertgoers to vote yes on Proposition 47 stating “Prop 47, …show more content…

Build more schools, less prisons!”. Likewise, Newt Gingrich called for an end to government spending on prisons and argued that Proposition 47 would improve public safety. As a result, Proposition 47 passed because of vigorous and well-organized campaigns, along with the highlighted media attention. On the contrary, it can be argued that No on Prop 47 was not successful because it did not generate enough needed funding. For example, the opposition raised approximately $551,800, whereas the supporters rose close to 11 million dollars (BallotPedia

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