Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's ' The Pedestrian '

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Ray Bradbury: a poet, essayist, playwright, and short story writer. He has conducted many stories that include themes relating to society and the future of society as he believes it to be. "Marionettes, Inc." and "The Pedestrian" are similar regarding the point of view of both texts. "Marionettes, Inc." is about Braling, a man who aspires to travel and follow his dreams but is restricted because of the chains his wife has linked him to. Braling believes that he has found the solution to this issue by purchasing a marionette to take the place of Braling. As a result, Braling 2, the marionette, has a mind of his own and stands up to Braling 1in a threatening way. The short story, "The Pedestrian" consists of a man, Leonard Mead who enjoys nightly walks by himself. A police officer meets with Mr. Mead and commands Mead to get into the car. Reluctantly, Mead agrees but with no knowledge of where the officer plans to take him. "Marionettes, Inc." and "The Pedestrian" are illustrated in the way that the point of view, the conflict, and the plot structure of the story are similar and are easily comparable. The first aspect regarding the similarity of the texts involves the point of view in both “Marionettes Inc.” and “The Pedestrian”. “Marionettes Inc.” is told from the perspective of a middle aged man whom goes by the name of Braling. This character feels the weight of the world is on his shoulders because of his clingy wife, Mrs. Braling. Braling finally releases her grasp by

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