Analysis Of Society In Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451 covers a fireman named Guy Montag who, after realizing he is not happy in the dystopian society he is living in, begins questioning what the government wants him to believe. Montag exists in a world where firefighters are actually firestarters. Books are also extremely illegal, and if found inside one’s home, it and everything inside will be burned to the ground. Bradbury starts his story with Montag meeting a young girl named Clarisse, who gives Montag an entirely new perspective as to what kind of society he is living in. Montag continues to develop his relationship with Clarisse and he becomes progressively confused, until Clarisse mysteriously disappears. Although she is gone, Clarise continues to influence Montag’s thinking and while he is at work setting an old woman’s house on fire, he steals one of the books in the woman’s possession and takes it home. Upon realizing the gravity of his situation, Montag seeks and finds an ally in an old English professor by the name of Faber. Together, him and Montag develop a plan to take down the society from the inside. Montag will plant books in the homes of firemen, creating suspicion among the people. Later the same night, Montag heads to work as usual, and answers an alarm claiming a local household is hiding books within its’ walls. The kicker however, is when the firemen pull up to Montag’s own house and see Mildred, his wife, running down the front lawn and hopping into a cab. Montag’s

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