Analysis Of Tears Of A Tiger

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The protagonist of Tears of a Tiger is Andrew “Andy” Jackson. Andrew is seventeen years old and plays basketball for Hazelwood High School. During the story, sometimes Andrew is playful and loving, but at times he becomes very depressed. As quoted (Draper 164) Andrew states “It’s not that I want to die- it’s just that I can’t stand the hurt and pain inside to go away,” this sentence states that (at the moment) Andrew is very overwhelmed and is contemplating suicide. Other times he is a really cool and a fun person to hang around with. One student wrote (Draper 174) “...cracking jokes with the teacher, charming the girls with that freaky smile, and laughing when you flunked one of those pop quizzes… I wanted to be like you- popular and likable and well known.” Andrew was a very cool and popular person.
The antagonist in Tears of a Tiger is depression and guilt. Andrew is getting really depressed, because he has the guilt of killing his best friend, Robert Washington, who died in a car accident, by drinking and driving. Everyday as the months go by, the guilt and depression begin to grow. Andrew may seem happy sometimes on the outside, but in the inside Andrew is mentally and emotionally damaged. Suicide is one of the biggest antagonists. At the end of the book, Andrew commits suicide because he is tired and fed up with the stress and guilt.
The conflict Andrew faces are external and internal. Externally, Andrew faces judgement from the

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