Analysis Of The Article ' Fahrenheit 451 '

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Katherine Moore

Miss Keith

English 11, Block 3

30 January 2017

The Evils of Technology in a Modern Society

It is easy to tell that the obsession with technology has had major effects on people’s way of life. Political elections are polluted by voters that believe it is a game, Students with answers to questions shoved down their throat in the form of useless facts and a society in which individuality is dangerous. Ray Bradbury demonstrates these issues in his book Fahrenheit 451, by showing how technology desensitizes the population, diminishes thinking for ourselves and limits individuality.

Technology has affected the people in the novel so much that they have no real notion of what happens in the world around them: …show more content…

One last example of the desensitization of society is when Mrs. Bowels replies to Montag’s inquiry about her children, “‘Caesarians or not, children are ruinous; you’re out of our mind’” (96). Mrs. Bowles’ statement reveals that she is not concerned for her children. This represents desensitization because instinctively humans care for their children however, Mrs. Bowles, consumed with technology overrides this instinct to care for her children. Whether it be war, suicide, or their children the population of Fahrenheit 451 is no longer sensitive to the essential traits of society but is rather absorbed in the false reality created by technology.

One of the defining characteristics of humans is the ability to think as individuals. However the community in Fahrenheit 451 is limited by technology. For example, when Montag is trying to read the bible in the subway but is unable to understand the text because of the Denham 's Dentifrice commercial running over the radio (78-80). Technology is used here to beat out any thoughts one’s mind might begin to think. Which is important because it shows that they are capable of thinking but are powerless to the constant bombardment of technology. Furthermore, Clarisse McClellan who has grown up with little technology is able to think for herself and observe her world, however when she shares this with Montag,

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