Analysis Of The Article ' Social Vertigo And Loss Of Self ' By Justin Shaw

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Gattaca is a Sci-Fi film that demonstrates a social structure that is all determined by your genes. It explores the topic of disabilities and the ability to overcome your predetermined role in society. In the article “ Social Vertigo and Loss of Self in Gattaca” by Justin Shaw, Shaw discusses the role of social hierarchy in Gattaca. Although Shaw states good points about the social ladder in the article, he fails to recognize how an “in-valid “can protest and conquer genetic limitations to be just as successful if not more successful than a “valid.” In Gattaca, your genes determine your social status. Those who were born out of love are considered to be in-valid due to some health problems or certain physical conditions they may have. Those who are created through genetic engineering are considered to be valid because during the process of their creation, disabilities and other health complicating conditions are removed from their genetic makeup, making them higher (better) than the in-valids (Shaw 165). For the characters in Gattaca, the only way to escape the social hierarchy and leave their identity behind is by going into space (167). Throughout the film, it is pretty clear that the valids have the upper hand in society. They tend to be treated superior and have more opportunities, such as flying up into space, whereas the in-valids tend to be looked down upon and receive the less appealing jobs like a janitor. Valids also are associated with looking down since many

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