Analysis Of The Article ' The Journey '

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1. Read and summarise the article The Journey by Dean Carey located in on Ch@lk in IP Resources
- Speech o Every line aims to reveal more about
• the character
• the dramatic situation
• The emotional life of the character
- What is the “Emotional Wash” o Where every line is dominated by only one emotion, which results in the performance not being engaging. Often the emotions are superficial and general (sad, happy, angry, sincere) o The characters life is filled with a collection of moments that are rich, deep and unpredictable, these should be shown in the speech o Avoid the categorisation of your speech as it tends to be not creative o A search for a certain ending can twist the rest of the speech which can abandon the main ideas and themes in many situations o Avoid acting the characters emotional state o Keeping the objective and obstacles that your character has to overcome can unleash emotions o Ask what the journey of the character is, what do you want to find? o Drawing from REAL LIFE results in better conviction and a performance o Key idea: Learn IDEAS not WORDS. This results in an authentic performance, from the different elements of drama (mood, rhythm etc.)
- Objective o Refers to the characters needs and wants. This is flexible whilst in rehearsals, avoid using negative or passive objectives as it is limiting. Instead the objective should be positive and active, this will enhance a drive in the character. o Find the reason initially

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