Analysis Of The Article ' Whats Up With The American Dream '

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What does the american dream mean to you?

“The American dream, to me, means having the opportunity to achieve, because I don 't think you should be guaranteed anything other than opportunity” (Leny Wilkens). The Article “Whats up with the American Dream” is all about how the American Dream is changing. It 's transitioning from going to school, working hard, and advancing in your career to being handed a job through the connections you have. The thesis in this article is “We go to school, study, get jobs, and work hard, all with the assumption that doing so will allow us to achieve financial security, rise up the economic ladder, and perhaps even achieve financial great wealth.”(pg. 539) The argument in this article is describing how everyone used to have an idea of how their life was going to be, go to school and get a well paying job. Today the worlds way of thinking has changed. Not everyone goes to college, and not all the ones who go to college get a well paying job. The author claims that everyone had faith in the American Dream “the land of opportunity”. He uses an example of how in 1867 when Horatio Alger published a novel about Ragged Dick, someone who works his way up from poverty to a position of respectability. Which is what the American Dream was all about in the 1800s, working your way up the success ladder. In the pass everyone knew the American Dream and that was the goal in life. The American Dream was an opportunity for growth and achievement. Everyone

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