Analysis Of The Article ' Writing Like A White Guy '

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Angst! Peur! Miedo! Страх! Fear! Regardless of what language it is said in, fear carries the same meaning. As some may say, fear is what can be seen throughout the United States of America as President Trump takes his first days in the White House. This fear has come from the idea that the social transformation Barack Obama has begun since his first day in office, eight years ago, may be coming to an end. Disregarding what may happen next in politics, fear has helped to expose the problems that today’s society has related to human rights. It can be seen in today’s news that; this exposure has motivated people to join arms and push for change. Jaswinder Bolina is one of those people. In his article “Writing Like a White Guy” Bolina dives …show more content…

This intention can be seen in many different ways throughout the article. For instance, at the beginning of his article, he shares an experience that only certain people can relate; “It’s only in America that such an immigrant discovers any brown-skinned body can have a ‘camel f*cker’ or a ‘sand n*gger’ hurled at him” (2). Bolina’s decision to use an experience that features such aggressive and derogatory terms speaks volume to the reader. These terms impact the reader’s attitude as they create a feeling of sympathy for the author as well as a feeling of disgust and embarrassment for the person, who used those terms, along with the society that the person is associated with. Not to mention, the experience demonstrates the fact he has encountered extreme racism, but it also creates the possibility to evoke strong emotions for the reader. Furthermore, this incident does more than identify the audience, it boosts his credibility and demonstrates his use of pathos as well. Another example occurs when Bolina elaborates on the idea that different races have been historically limited to certain educations. In this part of the article, he begins to speak in 1st person, as seen in the statement; “When I say ‘privilege’ here, I mean the condition of not needing to consider what others are forced to consider” (5). This statement refers to the decision making of an immigrant, therefore

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