Analysis Of The Banquet Scene

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Analysis of the Banquet Scene: Act III Scene iv
After reading Act III of the text, return to scene iv for a closer analysis. Let the chart below guide your reading, and be sure to justify your answers to the questions using specific detailed evidence from the text.
Examine the text:
When Macbeth learns that Banquo has been assassinated but Fleance has escaped, he uses figurative language to describe his state of mind. He says, “Then comes my fit again: I had else been perfect; whole as the marble, founded as the rock, as broad and general as the casing air: but now, I am cabin’d, cribb’d confin’d, bound in to saucy doubts and fears.” He continues on in an aside, stating, “There the grown serpent lies: the worm, that’s fled, hath …show more content…

How might these feelings influence his actions and decision making? How does this influence the reader’s opinion of him as a man and as a leader?
To understand Macbeth’s state of mind throughout the text you have to understand why he is making the choices he is making. His feelings influence his actions because he wants to feel like he is the only one left and above everyone. He will do any and everything in

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