Analysis Of The Battle Cry Of Freedom

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One of the most popular songs in the North and South was during the Civil War whih was “The Battle Cry of Freedom. It was written it 1862 by George Frederick Root, whom was an American composer during the era of the Civil War. The song possessed two versions in which it could be interpreted differently depending on the regions point of view. Both regions in the North and the South had lyrics that were modified when compared together. The Union and the Confederacy both demonstrates their mottos and their objectives. A supporter of the Union may argue that this song applies to the Northern region because, it reinforces the idea of the abolishment of slavery. “Composed in haste in a single day in response to President Abraham Lincoln's July 1862 call for 300,000 volunteers to fill the shrinking ranks of the Union Army, the song was first performed on July 24 and again on July 26 at a massive war rally” (Civil War Music). According to this quote, it can be said that his songs helped the morale of the Union soldiers to uphold their loyalty towards the Union. Abraham Lincoln’s goal as the president was to preserve the Union and the abolishment of slavery. As stated in the chorus, the individuals in the North are in full support of the Union and they despised the confederates. They explicitly called the confederates “traitors” of their country. In president Lincoln’s view, he must’ve viewed the song as an emancipation for the country. A Union member may also describe the song’s

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