Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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1984 was written by British author George Orwell. The main character is an average man by the name of Winston Smith. Winston does not agree with the ideals of the party; this gets him arrested by the thought police. 1984 proclaims what could happen if people just let the government do all their thinking for them. 1.In the world of 1984, what is considered orthodox is not the same as the actual world. In the book in order to be considered orthodox one must never question the party or have any individual thoughts of their own. Winston was not willing to conform to the society around him, at least not till the end. O’Brien tortured Winston, so he would believe everything that the party told him. In the end of the book, Winston had become a completely orthodox person. 2. Solipsism is the theory that only the self exists. Winston is tortured by O’Brien; O’Brien is trying to get Winston to stop believing in the outside world. However, he insists that he is not trying to get Winston to believe in solipsism. 3. The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism is the name of Goldstein’s book. Goldstein is the leader of the underground society against Big Brother; this society is often called the Brotherhood. Goldstein wrote about the Party’s three slogans and their meanings. He explained the totalitarian government and also mentioned that the government does not care for the people past them being obedient, mindless robots. 4. Throughout the book many unique words are used;
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