Analysis Of The Book ' Buck '

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Life involves many hardships that may seem impossible to overcome, but with the right amount of strength, one can move beyond the wall of struggle, pain, hate, depression, and any set back. Many can relate to the events in this book because it was written by a normal person, living a normal life, who faced many problems just like any human being, yet, these struggles relate just as much to various theories. Some experiences in Buck come from the negative representation of woman, oppression of Malo, Amina, and Uzi, and Afrocentricity of Chaka. By observing this, M.K. Asante’s book, Buck, can be viewed through a Feminism, Marxism, and New Historicism theoretical lens.
The decade of hip-hop is what some may call it. Tupac, Naz, Biggie Smalls, as well as other artists, were major contributions. Not only for the people who are trying to find their footing, but Buck as well. Throughout the book various lyrics were embedded in order to create a better understanding for its readers. In addition, this book is based upon a 90s lifestyle within Philadelphia, which included drugs, gang activity, crime, hip-hop, and havoc. Malo was directly in the center of everything, the girls, the fights, the guns. His experiences shed light towards what it’s like to as an African American individual living in or near the hood. Not everyone realizes what people go through while living there, but now it gives some readers an image of what goes on. Though times have changed, not all previous feelings
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