Analysis Of The Book ' Cold Blood '

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Within the pages of In Cold Blood, Truman Capote examines the two men involved in the murder of the Clutter family in somewhat different ways. Perry and Dick are compared in their narratives throughout the novel revealing that they have contrasting personalities. Capote provides a lengthy history of Perry’s past and, in contrast, very little than he does with Dick. He may do this in order to show the audience that there are dramatic differences between a vulnerable Perry and the cynical, cruel Dick. However, in one particular passage Capote exposes the two characters by expressing their points of views to the reader. Continuously switching the points of views of these two men could be chaotic, but Capote’s smooth writing allows him to do so effectively while allowing the readers to gain compelling insights. Capote succeeds in deliberately using juxtaposition which ultimately highlights the differences in Perry and Dick’s thoughts, feelings and views. The first passage opens with Dick’s point of view and the second one from Perry’s point of view. Capote elucidates Dick as a particularly hollow and cold man throughout this passage. At this point of the book, the reader certainly knows that Dick’s cruel nature has only been partially revealed. During this man’s narrative, Capote uses abrupt, derse language to reveal Dick’s thoughts. For example, Capote has Dick thinking, “Annoyed as hell. Why the hell couldn 't Perry shut up? Christ Jesus, what damn did it do, always dragging

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