Analysis Of The Book ' Crash '

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John “Crash” Coogan is the typical jock; he lives in Pennsylvania and is starting his second year of middle school as a 7th grader. I thought the main theme of the book is don’t judge a book by its cover. At least what most of us have in mind as a jock? Crash had always picked on his neighbor Penn Webb because of his choices and his lifestyle until later he realized something about Penn that he was his meant- to- be best friend. Crash has a wonderful life, until life deals him a hand that he could not have expected. When Crash 's grandfather unexpectedly has a stroke, Crash instinctively steps back and re-evaluates his life without even realizing he 's doing it. Suddenly, his cool friend, Mike doesn’t seem so cool anymore. Things that …show more content…

The irritating thing is that Penn remains steadfastly friendly! And he has the friendship of the hottest girl in school. But, when Scooter, Crash’s beloved grandfather, suffers a stroke, Crash’s salty attitude towards life, friendship and himself comes to a crashing halt. Penn Webb decides to be friends with Crash, he is nice to him and offers him the one thing that is very important to him, and that his great, great grandfathers Mississippi mud. He thinks is has special powers and he wants to share it with Crash so that Crashes grandfather can get better after his stroke. The friendship that Mike and Crash have turns out to not really be a friendship that is good for them. Crash needs friends like Penn in his life. He doesn 't need bullies like Mike hanging around him.
Around Christmas time Crash had been playing tackle football with his Grandfather Scooter, his dad, Uncle Herm, Bridget and Abby when Scooter had an accident. Scooter had the football and was running for the touchdown when Crash had tackled scooter and he had a little bit of an injury. Then Scooter had been helping Abby which is Crashes little sister with an environment in their backyard for animals. Scooter had a stroke while on a ladder and fell which gave him a concussion.
Mike steals Penn 's essay from his desk. He balls it up and tosses it to trash before the teacher walks in. During class Crash get curious and reads the essay. He finds out a lot about Penn and his 93 year old

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