Analysis Of The Book ' Death Of A Salesman '

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What happens when a child is held to high expectations; also what if a parent has instilled faulty morals into a child that they expect greatness from? This can lead to a terrible combination of failures and disappointments. In Death of a Salesman, by Author Miller the readers see how a character named Biff, a child held to high expectations, partnered with a parent with faulty morals, has ultimately caused his inability to see things for what they are and he is unable to make just decisions for himself. The reader can also see Biffs growth as an individual when he finally decides to break free of the expectation his parent put on him, in which he finds his true self. From the beginning Biff was the star child. His father “Willy” took the upmost interest in him because he was athletic and he had a promising future in sports. Even though Willy loved his son he instilled him with faulty views. In Miller’s, Death of a salesman Biff has stolen a ball to practice with. His father brushes it off as if it a simple offense because the ball will help him in his practicing (Miller 1055). Biffs unjustifiable behavior is being glorified by his father. Not only did
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