Analysis Of The Book ' Diary Of A Madman ' And Franz Kafkas ' Metamorphosis '

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Lu Xun’s “Diary of a Madman” and Franz Kafkas “Metamorphosis" are both stories that challenge the idea of reality. Diary of a madman depicts the idea of an insane first person as he starts to visualize texts in his reading that say humans are going to eat him. “Metamorphosis” keeps the reader guessing weather Gregor is an actual insect or not through his slick metamors and vague use of language. Although “Diary of a madman” is told in first person and “Metamorphosis” is told in third person they both exemplify the human thought process and help us challenge the idea of sanity within a human being. Diary of a Madman starts off with a prologue that ends with the sentence “Ive got good reason for my fears (pg240)”. This sentence strategically prepares the reader for questioning and reasoning within the remainder of the story. The idea of reasoning and distinguishing sanity from insanity is very blurred in both of these stories. When madman continues to speak about reasoning and the study of humans I come to the conclusion that he is one that studies humans, therefore he is seen as an outcast. Society labels a knowledgable human being as a “nerd” instead of a professional. Diary of a madman can be read closely as a research journal which makes me challenge the idea of madman being insane and his perception of reality. Considering the idea that Madman was one that studied human interaction, we can see how he understood the process of knowledge by this quote ,”I can never sleep

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