Analysis Of The Book ' Fairy Tales And Modern Stories ' By Bruno Bettelheim

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The thrill and excitement created in fairy tales are ideal for entertaining young children. Important life lessons may seem subtle in fairy tales, but if one pays attention closely, there are obvious messages a story is communicating to the reader. In the article “Fairy Tales and Modern Stories” by Bruno Bettelheim, Bettelheim provides a series of examples of the effect fairy tales have on a reader. The sole effect a fairy tale has on a reader is based upon which story is read and the challenges in life the reader is struggling with. Another article, “An Introduction to Fairy Tales” by Maria Tatar, introduces the basic principles and themes brought across from fairy tales. Tatar also interprets how the plot of the stories is educating young children to adopt similar characteristics to those of the protagonist. In addition to Tatar’s and Bettelheim’s article, Elizabeth Danish wrote the article “Influence of Fairy Tales on Children,” which is a summary of different possible outcomes a fairy tale may have on a reader. Although she focuses mostly on the negative aspects of fairy tales, Danish briefly covers some positive consequences that fairy tales might have on an adolescent child. A similarly named article to Danish’s, “Influence of Fairy Tales on Children” by Rave Uno, concentrates mostly on the positive aspects of fairy tales. Uno, unlike Danish, is biased towards fairy tales having unmistakable benefits to a youthful reader and indicates many well thought out opinions.

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